Heacol Ltd has been promoting the use of renewable energy systems as an alternative to expensive, dangerous and dwindling fossil fuel supplies for many years. But to some, renewable energy is still an unknown quantity with many wrongly believing that renewable energy products such as Heat Pumps and Ventilation systems are simply too expensive or ineffective. This is not the case - but in order to understand how Renewable Energy can work for you,its important to firstly understand what it is.


Put simply, renewable energy is energy obtained from natural resources and which is naturally replenished such as stored heat from the ground with a Ground Source Heat Pump, using latent heat for a Water Source Heat Pump or residual heat from the air in the case of an Air Source Heat Pump. The heat recovery Ventilation unit combined with a Heat Pump provide reduced energy consumption and the healthiest possible interior atmosphere providing fresh filtered air resulting in a lower CO² footprint. Water Source Heat Pumps are suitable when there is a substantial body of water nearby from which the heat can be harvested.


There are many reasons why people should consider renewable energy; spiralling energy costs, climate change, dwindling gas and coal reserves being some of the examples. The simple fact is that Renewable Energy Products such as Heat Pumps and Heat Recovery ventilation for example are safer, cleaner and more efficient than traditional oil or gas fired boiler systems, saving the climate and the customer on fuel costs.


There are a number of important questions to ask when buying a heat pump. Here are some important facts to consider.

  1. Is your system going to maintain its performance for many years to come (twenty years plus)?
  2. Will the heat pump provide all the heating and hot water needs for my property?
  3. What guarantee do I have that the system is going to work?

Heacol Ltd being an RECC & MCS accredited installer as well as installation partners of various leading manufacturers design heat pump systems to the highest engineering standards using the latest software and tools which maintain best possible COP and SPF performance levels over the lifetime of the installation.